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Opening in LA Coming Up…


I’ll be in a show with Raymond Pettibon, Marcel Dzama and Nobuyoshi Araki and others opening June 28th 5-7, Richard Heller Gallery, LA. See you there.


Live @ Irving Plaza


Day: 811
Shirt: FLAG - Painful Rabies Shots
Color:  White
Brand: Allstyle Apparel
Source: I have waited for this shirt ever since the band played their first show.   they had 2 at the first show the OG BF BArs shirt ( i belive the one Greg Ginn was suing about.  and this shirt:

which i reluctantly bought but i absolutely deplore this design.   i think it is more played out than the Got Milk Design which in the 90’s everyone and their mother had one, Got Weed?  Got Bass?  Got Meat?  i couldn’t stand it.  then this design came out first with the Beatles band names on it.  I hated it then, then it just grew and grew and grew…

anyways.  this is the one that really does it.  it fits the band.  Pettibon.  it needed to fit the epic show.  so when you walked away you go look at merch and think fuck yes, I’m getting that shirt to remember this day with.

Now they have them on tour, maybe, and online here in very small sizes 

Get shirt here (if you are XL or XXL)

 by far my favorite non legacy working Punk rock band out today.  



Raymond Pettibon artwork, from the liner notes of Minutemen’s Double Nickels On The Dime .

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Raymond Pettibon

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